“Brand = Domain” is direct communication.

2019年12月18日 | 分类: 【域名】

来自 Kassey Lee 的域名评论:

Congratulations to Rolf Larsen on launch of his new business to provide virtual desktop services to companies. He is branding his business using the domain Desktop.com, which is an excellent move. “Brand = Domain” is direct communication. You know the “what” and the “where” of the brand. It’s descriptive, credible, and easy to remember.

Rolf was behind the new extension .global before he sold it to Afilias, so he is well qualified to compare .com with the new extension. This is what he told Domain Name Wire: “The keyword .com will give a company a recognition it wouldn’t get with a keyword new extension.”

Read more about the Desktop.com story from https://lnkd.in/gwQD6ZU and https://lnkd.in/g78h8AE

祝贺 Rolf Larsen 他推出新业务,为公司提供虚拟桌面服务。他正在用域名 Desktop.com 来推广他的业务,这是一个极好的举措。”品牌+ 域”是直接沟通。你知道品牌的”什么”和”在哪里”。它具有描述性、可信性且易于记忆。 罗尔夫是新扩展.global的幕后所有人,后来他把它卖给了阿菲利亚斯,所以他完全有资格将.com与新扩展进行比较。这就是他告诉域名有线:”关键字.com将给公司一个识别,它不会得到一个关键字新的扩展。

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