Friedrich Holderlin

2015年5月19日 | 分类: 【随笔】

At such a moment man forgets himself and the God, and turns around, admittedly in a holy way, like a traitor . At the extreme limit of suffering, nothing indeed remains but the conditions of time or space. At this point, the man forgets himself because he is entirely in the moment; the God forgets himself because he is nothing but time; and both are unfaithful, Time because it undergoes a categoric change and beginning and end simply no longer rhyme within it; man because, at this moment, he has to follow the categorical turning away and that thus, as a consequence, he can simply no longer be as he was at the beginning.” –Friedrich Holderlin

“ the rhythmic succession of representations through which the transport is (re)presented, what in metrics is called a caesura, the pure word, the counter-rhythmic interruption, becomes necessary to counteract, as its acme, the turbulent sucession of representations, in such a way that it is not now the succession of representations that appears but represention itself.” –Friedrich Holderlin