Jim Morrison、Google和俳句

2007年3月20日 | 分类: 【随笔】

Jim Morrison写过俳句(Haiku)?Google里是找不到的。可我在移动硬盘的存档里发现了他的一组俳句。这是一首:

shiny tears of winter
dripping from long icicles
— a portent of spring?


Google开发者Kevin Pox发布了一个新网站,每天展示俳句格式的新闻。某例:

astronaut killer?
envy drives attack on peer
Houston has problem

Google Haiku by Che

On Gmail Chat:

Infernal green dot
Old friends never say hello
but remain silent

All of those damn dots
turn green, but I’m too busy
so mine turns to red

On Google Calendar:

Roman holidays
crowd the Mercury transits;
Who’s birthday is it?

On Gmail:

Delete my spam mail
A little more often please;
Goodbye Four-One-Nines

On Adsense:

Watching the numbers;
yesterday I almost made
A good third-world wage.

On Google Search:

My site’s in 8th place
just behind the cartoon porn;
Mmmm… looks int’resting

Google’s now a verb –
it’s in the dictionary;
no more a trademark