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.io, .sh, .ac: Transition to Afilias registry system and significant changes

Afilias will be the new technical back-end provider for the Internet Computer
Bureau (ICB Registry). The transition of the registry system for the ccTLDs .io,
.sh and .ac to the Afilias registry system will be processed from June 10 (15:00
UTC) until June 11, 2017 (06:00 UTC).

*As a consequence, the domain life cycle of .io, .sh and .ac will be adjusted to
the standard gTLD life cycle.*

*The main changes in an overview, effective as of June 11:*

* Domain name operations for .io, .sh and .ac domains will be processed
identically to .info domain operations.
* Domain names may be registered and renewed for a period of 1 to 10 years.
* There will be the normal 60-day transfer prohibited status on all new creates.
* After migration to the Afilias registry system, domains upon expiry will be
auto-renewed and the relevant grace period (45 days) will apply. Names that
may have expired but not been deleted from the registry system (prior to the
migration) will be automatically renewed and will remain in Autorenew Grace
Period for 45 days.
* Support of all IDNs that are available at the Afilias registry system.

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Piffle I was using the direct to take advantage of the huge 90 day Redemption Grace Period

Wow, lots of Pros and Cons, not sure if this will be good or bad overall.

Most likely there won’t be a direct backorder anymore, and MAYBE this means normal people will be able to beat out on drops – that would be nice, yet the direct backorder was cool, except for the zero refund policy.

HOPEFULLY, this will drop the price for registration and renewals.

Right now, I have a few domains I’m still floating in RGP, I will contact and see what do do with them, my best guess is I will have to renew before the June 10th deadline : bummer :

Anyone with more information please share!

OK I sent support tickets to a few registrars and direct, here’s some replies

The lack of information and/or decision in these replies is rather weak for me, given the timeline that this is only about three weeks away

Hi there – I just found out you are transitioning to the Afilias Back End June 10th, 2017
Can you share any more details about this? Like what the prices will be, if there will still be a tiered discount, what happens to the backorder system and what happens to RGP?
What happens to my direct account here also? Thank you – have a super day!
Thanks for contacting us
The prices (and discounts) will be the same.
NEW backorders are likely to stop although pre-existing backorders will he honoured
Direct accounts will move to 101domains (Afilias’ retail arm)
Have a great w/end

I just found out that the dot IO registry is transitioning to the Afilias Back End and it is scheduled for June 10th, 2017
Your price for dot IO registration renewal and transfer right now is $32.88. Do you know if the change to Affilias will also be affecting the prices of IO? Hopefully they decrease : smile :

Afilias Wins Contract to Run Backend Registry Services for .io, .ac and .sh

Thank you – have a super day!
Thank you for contacting Namecheap Customer Support!
Indeed, we are aware of this transition. Regretfully, though, we have not received any details in regards to price change.
Still, please rest assured that once we receive any news, we will make sure to announce it via our Newsletter.
Should you have any other questions or require help, please do not hesitate to let us know.
We are here for you 24/7/365.
Regards, Namecheap Customer Support

[same inquiry as NC above with Monikers prices]
thank you for contacting Moniker Support.
At this moment we do not have any information about any price changes. You could revised this pdf were we keep all of our current prices. If there are any changes we will update this document.
Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best regards,Your Team @

usernamex said: ↑

MAYBE this means normal people will be able to beat out on drops

All needs to do is a standard drop-catch over EPP – “normal” people can beat them by buying a back-order. If back-orders are going to get dropped, then this will likely help, unless Afilias randomise their delete times. batch delete at 00:30 – so all Park would have to do is fire-off 100s of purchase request around that time – if the name hadn’t yet been deleted they would get a “failed” reply. The first request after the delete would them get a “success” reply – that’s how all drop-catch works.

You normally need a registrar account to use EPP.