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2010 HEXONET launches its domain backordering service for resellers to snap up expiring .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .se and .de. As of August 2011, eighteen TLDs are backorderable including .asia, .mobi, .ca, .cc, .ch, .co, .li, .me, .nu, .tv and .us.[6]

2011 HEXONET launches new domain auction services with PremiumSale.com Limited allowing for seamless and managed auctions to take place between contending clients vying for the same expiring domain name. Resellers simply sell backorder services and HEXONET handles all auction invitations, bids, and payment as well as potentially issuing large commissions for the reseller. [8]


演示:http://try-whmcs.hexonet.net/ (demo/demo)


1. 注册账号:

1. 注册账号:https://www.hexonet.net/
2. 创建Role Users 参考:https://wiki.hexonet.net/wiki/WHMCS_Secure
3. 在WHMCS中安装和配置 参考:https://github.com/hexonet/whmcs-ispapi-registrar/wiki/Usage-Guide
4. 启用Hexonet的域名推荐接口 参考:https://github.com/hexonet/whmcs-ispapi-registrar/wiki/Usage-Guide

2. 激活注册商模块:

1. 进入 WHMCS 管理面板
2. 打开 Setup > Products/Services > Domain Registrars
3. 找到 Hexonet 项,点击激活按钮
4. 输入 HexoNet 用户名/密码,点击保存。

3. 测试模式:

1. 在 WHMCS 管理面板,启用 “Test Mode” ,将连接 OT&E 测试环境。
2. 注册测试账号:https://www.hexonet.net/signup-ote

4. 代理服务器:


4. 设置默认转移锁定 TRANSFERLOCK:

Enable to automatically apply the transfer lock to new domain registrations.
Automatic Registration

WHMCS allows you to setup automatic domain registration on a per extension basis enabling you to use different registrars for different TLDs to give you the flexibility to offer more extensions and always get the best value.

To enable automatic registration, please refer to Configuring Automatic Registration
Automatic Domain Synchronization

The HexoNet module supports automatic domain synchronization for syncing of expiry dates and status changes for incoming transfers.

To enable this functionality, you need to ensure you have the Domain Sync Enabled in Setup > General Settings > Domains and ensure you have the Domain Sync Cron configured on your system.

The module uses ports 80 & 443 to connect to Hexonet. You will want to ensure these are whitelisted in your server’s firewall.